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Glass Sets and Stylish Drinking Glasses from Village Creation

The beauty of your table setting is incomplete without a lovely set of glasses. May it be any occasion. The realm of cutlery is not just fancy plates and delicious food but also a great collection of glassware.


Village Creation with the same intent has come out with amazing glass sets with every piece being an epic combination of artistic design and material. They have unique 10 sets of drinking glasses ranging from Coffee/tea mugs to impressive goblets.


Every glass speaks luxury and every shape of the glass symbolises your choice. We have a variety for you to choose from. We have the bold and fierce Whiskey Glasses, Soft and very impressive cocktail glasses in the shape of a lady, We have a simple and sophisticated triangle glass set and amazing double walled glassware which avoids cracks and many more. We have glasses for every kind of person.


When we choose a perfect glassware, we often look for thickness, Clarity, Cut and Weight. The products at Village creation are manufactured keeping all these qualities in mind.


Cute, stylish, bold, Simple are a few attributes that describe our products. Browse through the amazing range of these products and gift yourself one:

  • Lion Shape Whiskey Glasses


The type of cutlery used at home speaks a lot about the standard of the host. One of the most frequently used items is glass sets. In parties too, we often are impressed by the look of the drink rather than the taste and it becomes very important for a host to have an impressive set of glasses. At Village creation, we have 10 different types of Glassware sets. We have bold yet beautiful Whiskey glass sets, Stylist and unique cocktail glasses or goblets and Cute and attractive tea/coffee double walled mugs.


These glasses are made of Borosilicate which makes them non-cracking. Most of our glass sets are also double walled which makes them very durable. Neither the Quality nor the look is compromised. undoubtedly these glasses are the best buying option for you. 


These amazing drinkware sets complement your kitchen and add beauty to your drink. We have the ultimate collection for your Whiskey or cocktail parties and also subtle and fascinating mugs for your evening tea get-togethers.


We have also added the GIFT WRAP option to ease your process of gifting these products to someone. They are such lovely products that they make a great piece of present for your loved one’s for any occasion. Do order them and enjoy the luxurious feel!
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