Ever wondered why you didn't have a sound sleep despite being completely tired and the bed looked very comforting?
“ We are used to Ghar ka bed, that’s why we could not sleep properly!”, the most common answer that dismisses our doubts. Sometimes we say the “bed was too small”,” the bed was too soft”, “too hard like sleeping on a rock”. Even the best-presented bed, perfectly soft mattress and soft pillows, and a bright coloured synthetic and soft bedsheet at your friend’s place can render you a sleepless night. Yes, sometimes the problem looks straight at our face but we ignore it. The material of bedsheets is the problem, not the pillows and mattresses. Cotton Bedsheets, the unsung hero of your peaceful nights, deserves to be recognized. Talking about cotton bedsheets the first image that comes to our mind is light-coloured bedsheets that we don’t prefer to give our friends, instead we go for the heavy weighted synthetic ones that look good.
“Healthy tips for a good sleep”. The common tips we receive are- have good food, prevent afternoon naps, hydrate yourself, exercise, and use pillows and mattresses perfect for you. But, how much do we know about our bedsheets, what role do they play in keeping us healthy? Let’s discuss how are cotton bedsheets are beneficial for your healthy life in this blog.



Cotton and silk are two of the most demanded materials in India in the field of clothes as well as beddings. Synthetic or polyester beddings follow the list after cotton.
The battle between the two- cotton and synthetic bed sheets mainly occurs in the context of their prices. As cotton beddings are made purely of cotton- a natural product. Not many are aware of the weaving processes, the common idea people carry while purchasing a bed sheet is the linen count and the length of fibers but most of the buyers have to depend on the shopkeepers and have to believe them regarding the numbers. Cotton beddings have two main styles of weaving - sateen, and percale. Percale weaving leaves a matt finish whereas, sateen weaving leaves a shinier end, therefore, sateen weave bed sheets are more expensive than the former.

                   Percale                                                 Percale

Polyester bed sheets, quite affordable product than the cotton ones are made of a synthetic material called polyester. Unlike cotton, polyesters are man-made artificial products hence, they are cheaper than cotton bedsheets. Polyester bed sheets are light-weight and soft to touch. Sometimes., tightly woven high-quality polyester bed sheets are easily confused with silk bed sheets and buyers can easily be fooled.

In a tropical climate, like that of India, cotton bed sheets are always the best option since the cotton bed sheets are more breathable and washable than the polyester ones. Cotton bed sheets tend to become softer with every wash but the polyester turns rougher with every wash and therefore are uncomfortable for your skin.



In the era of organic life where our day begins with organic tea, green tea, organic spices for our food as well as organic colours are an essential part of our festival of colours a.k.a  Holi. Day by day we are introducing simple and natural aspects of healthy living in our daily life. Why not an organic bed? No, I don’t mean a bed made of leaves !! By organic, I simply meant to inculcate the use of cotton bed sheets as a healthy habit. The following are some of the advantages of cotton bed sheets on your health.

Allergy-free sleep: Some people are prone to allergies with artificial or chemical materials. Most of them face a similar issue while sleeping in beds having covers of a specific type of fibre. Polyester fiber might not suit the skin of such people, therefore, can cause itchy skin and increase sleep problems.


Bedsheets made of pure cotton do not trigger allergies. Cotton suits every skin type and therefore are a comfortable sleep companion. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that cotton offers resistance to unwanted bacteria. Thus, protecting you from allergic bacteria.



Perfect throughout the year: India faces extreme weather throughout the year and in different zones. The coastal areas enjoy a maritime climate all year round while the north receives either extreme cold climate in winter or places like Delhi burns like hell in summers. Rajasthan faces extreme temperature rise and fall in 24 hrs span. Cotton is the only fabric that binds the country together with such extremities.


During winter, cotton bedsheets make you feel warm and cozy in your bed. The same bed sheet will give you a wholesome sound sleep in summer days too, helping to stay cool. Cotton bedsheets are perfect for the Indian climate comforting everyone against all extreme climates.


Breathable Fabric: Cotton is a breathable fabric, hence it is most demanded as summer wears as it absorbs moisture and is comfortable for the skin at the same time. Cotton bed sheets are preferred over synthetic ones for the very same reason. Your sleep gets more comfortable and home-like if the fabric of your sheets allows your skin to breathe and absorbs moisture. This characteristic feature of cotton will always act as a boon for the material and keep the demand for cotton bed sheets high.


Cotton bed sheets do not go rough on the skin with time: With every wash bedsheets of artificial fabric might go coarser on the skin and rough to sleep on.  Cotton bed sheets, on the other hand, softens with every wash and lasts longer than the artificial fabrics. The chemicals used to make polyester bed sheets and other products, with time, might harm your hair and your skin.   


Healthier bed:  People today are spending most of their time on the bed, whether sleeping or lazing around and swapping through the television. A healthy bed is a general necessity now, for both sound sleep and a fresh morning. Cotton materials are preferred for babies too. Cotton beddings being suitable for every skin type and allergy-free and bacteria resistant are the solutions to every Indian household comprising members of all age groups.


Yes, we indeed share a personal bond with our bed. Despite spending an exotic vacation in a five-star hotel,  we have the best sleep in our beds. To make this love and bond bloom, one does need cozy as well as vibrant bed sheets.

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