Flowers, flora, floral; The words bring in mind images of brightly colours flowers you have throughout your entire life, like a swarm of bees attracted to dahlia or cosmos. Most of us love visiting gardens and farms with long rows of different hues of flowers as they bring a pleasant feeling of peace and serenity in our minds. It is psychologically proven too, bright colours spread positivity in a person’s mind, therefore many cultures and religious practices emphasize on having a small garden or keeping fresh flowers in your house, it serves two purposes-- first, they brew positive vibes around you. Second, they are natural deodorizers and their strong fragrance will lift your mood.

Feng Shui renders a special place to different types of flowers to bring love, happiness success, and positivity to one’s life. Thus, highlighting the importance of flowers in every form whether as small plants, painting, or prints on your curtains or your bedsheets more brightly.

I am an admirer of these vibrant-hued creations of nature. Being a literature student has added more flavour for my love for the flora. You cannot resist yourself picturing the bright and cheerful Daffodils when Wordsworth says :


“I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of golden Daffodils;”


The three places I love and desire to be when my mind is full of the city chaos and I do need peace are the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand or run to any beach and play with the waves and lastly my bed- the coziest place to end my day. Honestly, the first two wishes are hard to fulfill easily, therefore I end my day finding tranquility remembering myself amidst the flowers or embracing the waves in my warm bed.


Returning home, after a long and exhausting day and lying on your bed brings satisfaction that feels very much like quenching your midnight thirst! Therefore, I always prefer cotton bedsheets. Cotton is the perfect fabric for the tropical climate of India. It is breathable, easy-to-wash, gets better with age, and doesn’t provoke skin allergies and rashes. What else do I need for a peaceful and cozy night?

Cotton beddings are available in the market with various prints, designs, and shades. 3D bedsheets are a new trend today presented in wonderful 3D prints that might give you a topsy turvy excitement. But, my sleep is my escape from the world of chaos and topsy turvy competition from the real world.  So, I always chose colours that bring peace of mind and calmness. Therefore, flowers are my ultimate remedy and solution.

While purchasing a bedsheet, I mostly look for the ones with floral prints on them. Roses, lotuses, or obscure floral designs in bright shades like sunshine yellow, brick red, blue or pink printed on white fabrics easily grab my attention. Waking up in such sheets do bring positivity in the mood. Thus, contributing positivity to my entire day’s schedule.

My bed looks awesome and ready to be embraced with the floral print bed sheet sets in my sea blue-shaded room, dark blue curtains drawn not allowing the noises and light of the streets interfere with the tranquil peace of my space. The touch of cotton-threads and vibrant colours. That’s how I always see my day ending, hence building affection for these beautiful flowers that make my night end on a “bed of roses”.

Nostalgia plays a very important role here, while I talk about what makes me choose floral printed sheets over other bedsheets. Since childhood, I have seen my parents making bed in the morning. While doing so, I remember them spreading the sheet high on air, for it to lay over the huge bed. The bright flowers fluttering high with the sheet had always amused me. Ever since my childhood, I could not get over them. And of course, floral bedsheets do make my bed look bigger and spacious than its actual size and doesn’t allow you to feel congested. 

Kids are always attracted to bright colours and huge figures. Decorating your bed with floral bedsheets might keep their mood cheerful and pleasant than using sheets with obscure design and dark shades that might scare or irritate them. Therefore, we notice most of the beds in Indian household decked with floral beddings.

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